Misaligned tires can take hundreds if not thousands of miles off the life of your tires – resulting in uneven tire wear, bald spots, and increased risk of a flat tire. An issue with your vehicle’s alignment can also lead to extensive damage to your suspension, meaning costly repairs. And reduced miles per gallon means you’ll spend more at the pump.

If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, vibration in your steering wheel, or trouble steering and keeping your vehicle moving straight ahead, bring it in to Millevoi’s for an alignment inspection. Our certified technicians will take a close look at your tires and wheels to bring everything back in alignment.

Alignment service for your vehicle sets all four wheels on your vehicle perfectly parallel. This will reduce rolling resistance (getting higher mpg and saving money at the pump!). With properly aligned components and efficient absorption of road shock, you’ll experience a smoother drive and better handling of your vehicle!

As part of our alignment service, Millevoi’s offers a suspension system inspection, allowing us to identify worn areas and potential problems before the cause costly damage. With the latest tools, training, and technology, our expert technicians can quickly assess the condition of your vehicle, realign your wheels, and get you back safely on the road!

As the weather changes between seasons, roads become uneven and your alignment is at risk – potholes, cracks, and bumps can throw off your wheels. One large pothole or repeated stress can result in misaligned tires – if you hit a pothole, don’t wait for more damage to occur before you bring your vehicle in for an inspection: 215.638.3588