Tire Sales And Repair Bensalem PA

Do you need new tires? How can you tell? Most tires are designed with tread wear indicator bars. As your tires cover more mileage, the tread wears down and you can see a solid bar of rubber connecting the ribs of the tread. When you see these bars, it is time to replace your tires.

Another trick? Check with a penny. If your tire doesn’t have tread wear bars, place a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down facing you. If you can see his head, the tread is too worn and you should replace your tires.

Millevoi’s is your trusted source for new tires! We have a large inventory (and if we don’t have it in our shop, we can order from tens of thousands of tires) so you don’t need to go to another tire shop to replace your tires. Our techs will inspect your tire air pressure, tread depth, and wear patterns to help you select the tire size, type, and brand for your vehicle!