Fuel Injection

Manufacturers recommend a fuel injection service periodically to maintain the performance of your vehicle. Over time, fuel injectors can become dirty and clogged, resulting in poor performance, trouble accelerating, and reducing miles per gallon. If you’ve noticed any of these issues, stop by our auto repair shop for an inspection and fuel injection service. Fuel injectors are responsible for getting fuel into your engine,

spraying it as mist so that the fuel is easier to burn and combust with the air in the engine. The small openings in the fuel injectors can fill with deposits of wax, dirt, carbon, and contaminants – even small amounts can clog the injector and affect your vehicle’s performance. Short, frequent trips and low quality gasoline can expedite the build-up of these materials.

When you bring your vehicle into Millevoi’s for a Fuel Injection service, our certified technicians will inspect all of the components of your fuel injector system, including the pressure regulator, the fuel rail, and the fuel pump’s pressure and volume. Our expert mechanics will then flush and clean your fuel injectors,
fuel injector screen, throttle valve and air passages. Before you take your vehicle home, we’ll check all components, including sensors and your engine’s computer, to make sure everything is working properly and the air/fuel mixture is optimal for your vehicle.

You should always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for services for the optimal health of your vehicle, but even if you’re not scheduled for this service for a few more miles, many performance issues can be solved with a fuel injection service – contact our team of experts at 215.638.3588 to find out if this is the right service for your vehicle.